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MindStreams designs and develops compelling websites that are functional and informative. With over 10+ years of website experience MindStreams has built up an expertise in developing eCommerce systems and custom developed Web applications. We offer online marketing solutions that bring the power of the Web to your business.

eCommerce Features

When MindStreams develops an eCommerce site for you, we ensure that every aspect of your online store meets your specific needs. We set up and configure the store so you are ready to process orders as quickly and easily as possible. There are a number of important features that need to be considered and MindStreams can help you pull all the pieces together.

Shipping Calculator

MindStreams will set up the shipping calculators you need to determine shipping charges. We have worked with all the standard shippers such as UPS, Fed Ex, and USPS. Shipping calculators typically include priority next day rates and economy rates. We can also customize a shipping calculator for your special cases. This could include freight shipping large bulk material on pallets or 55-gallon drums.

Sales Tax

Sales tax needs to be collected if the buyer is in the same state as your facility. The sales tax rate is the rate for your county. MindStreams can configure your store to charge the correct rate for those in state customers. Some states have more than one rate to handle items such as food, prepared foods and non-food items. You can also designate items that are non-taxable. Reports available to you in the administration section of your store allow for tracking tax payments.

Payment Gateway

The best products in the best online store are only successful if they put money in your account. The way that money gets into your account is through a software interface called a payment gateway. This is the equivalent of a point of sale terminal a store would have in its physical location. The payment gateway sends the transaction to the bank’s payment processor and through to the card association, e.g. Visa or MasterCard. The transaction is checked for fraud, credit limits and card validity. If everything is approved then the bank deposits the authorized funds into the merchant’s account. Exceptions can be made for batch processing of payments in the event payments must be held till items are shipped.

MindStreams can help you select and set up your payment gateway. We have experience working with major gateways such as Authorize.Net or PayPal. We can also set up recurring monthly billing for those special cases such as a subscription.

SSL Certificate

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate provides security for your website two ways. First it provides 256-bit encryption for sensitive data being sent over the Internet such as credit card numbers. Second, through an authentication process, the Certificate itself ensures that the website’s domain registration information can be verified. This means your customers can be sure they are doing business with your company and not a hoax site. SSL Certificate providers typically include a seal that can be displayed on the website to help build trust. MindStreams can purchase and install the SSL Certificate for your online store. In addition we can renew and update it each year as part of our ongoing support. Click here to read our white paper on SSL Certificates.

MindStreams is a full service Web development firm located in Rocky River, Ohio, just west of Cleveland, Ohio and convenient to the Akron, Ohio area. Click here to receive an estimate.

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"We have been working with the group at MindStreams now for a few years. They helped us design our web sites, which have proven to be creative, well designed, and client friendly all while being cost effective for us. We often hear from clients about how much they like our sites because they are both "pretty" and user-friendly!"

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